• Reducing and Managing Building Waste

    Construction waste is, to simply define it, any waste which is generated by construction activities. This can include the waste of energy required to carry out construction jobs, the wasted materials (due to damage) which can’t be recycled, and surplus ordering; to name a few. After everything has been added up, we can securely say that there are few things which make up our economic system which produce as much waste as the construction industry.

    Managing and reducing the amount of building waste has been an ongoing area of focus jointly for the construction and waste management industries. Some of the waste can be reduced by better management of building sites; ordering the correct amount of materials so there is no wastage through surplus ordering, or ensuring that damaged materials are reduced in number. In other cases, it means ensuring that the materials used have a sufficiently large lifespan that they won’t need to be replaced for a long time. We can also make efforts to use environmentally friendly materials; renewable, recyclable and naturally biodegradable materials so that any waste doesn’t remain waste.