Tips In Waste Reduction And Recycling For Hotels

The hotel industry has a hard time in the separation of recyclable waste from their rubbish. Recently, hotel owners/management have decided to focus much more on waste management programs, but some still struggle. Below are a few tips for recycling and waste reduction, to help your hotel.


  • Make sure your employees are informed about the best recycling procedures. This can be by regularly reviewing procedures.
  • Monitor the procedures on a regular basis and make sure the routines become a habit.
  • Encourage feedback from your employees, for suggestions and observations to help with improvements of your program.

Waste Reduction

  • Perform a waste review. Best way to do this is by walking through your hotel and noting down the type of waste discarded in each area. This will help you determine what containers are needed where.
  • After you gather your results, set up appropriate programs in each area.
  • Emphasise to your employees where to separate types of waste from each other. For example; food waste can be composted.