Playing Your Part – Food Waste Edition

Food waste management is possibly one of the easiest waste management areas to become compliant in. Yet, it is still one that people struggle to follow. The amount of food that is wasted in the United Kingdom is heading towards 3million tonnes, yet we Britains still seem to keep binning this edible food.

So, let’s talk about food waste management. What can we do with our food waste?

Most people in Britain will finish their meal, or see items of food getting close to their use by date or past their best before date and simply just throw them in their regular rubbish bin. We need to stop doing this as this is not helping the environment in any way!

One thing you can do with food that is coming up to or just recently passed its best before date is donated it. As long as the food item is still in good condition, it will be okay for somebody to eat for a few days after its best before date. Food banks and other charities will make good use out of this food. You can find your local food waste charities with a simple search on google.

For the food waste that is not edible, for example, food peelings or meal waste. You should consider putting them in your food waste bin that is provided by the government. This way it is being disposed of and sent to the correct place to be decomposed rather than going to a landfill where it will take longer to decompose.

If the food waste bin is not ideal for you, you can invest in making your compost bin in your garden. This way you will be putting your old food waste into your compost bin, and having fresh compost made for you and others to use.