Micro Food, Garden and Human/Pet Waste Processing

Paying for waste management services is a necessity for many different entities, particularly when you’re talking about large organisations in the middle of urban centres. Processing your own waste, whether that be food or sewage or garden waste, loses a lot of its benefits in an urban environment, because there is little need for the end product; compost. In a suburban or rural environment, that excuse ceases to hold up to pressure, and processing your own waste, whether that equals a small or large amount, becomes an economical and ecological benefit.

Micro waste processing is to waste processing what micro-brewing is to brewing beer. It is the downsized version of large scale waste management, but it is something most with the opportunity to use should be considering. Processing waste can deliver compost which will be useful for growing food and other plants in your garden (the amount of waste we produce in western societies is more than enough to support small scale allotments), as well as methane which can be used as fuel for electrical generators.