Do we Need More Bins and Waste Collection?

A week can seem like an extremely long period of time, especially when you’re waiting for the bin men to come and collect your rubbish. The government is apparently working to increase the frequency and quality of rubbish collections, but is this necessary, are we really producing this much rubbish?

Well, in short the answer is yes. We live in a society that has had to change and adapt our lives to lengthen the life of the environment. We’re the generation of change, and the reason we have had to change is because we are producing more rubbish. We have more buildings, more businesses, more people, and with it comes more waste.

Extra bin collections and bins can certainly be useful, and it can be a positive stride from the government, but we all need to be dealing with our waste appropriately, and making sure items that should be recycled, are recycled.