Types of Recycling

As has been discussed on various previous posts on this blog, it is clear that rubbish is a serious problem, and that recycling must play a significant part in the solution.

There are, however, various types and ways of recycling. Sometimes, you’ll have somebody’s trash which, in another person’s eyes, is still usable, and other times you’ll have products and materials which aren’t reusable, but which are perfectly suited to reprocessing.

The first of these is very easy to see how it would be done; all it requires is touching up a damaged item, so that it looks more new, but the second one can grow a bit more complicated.

Reprocessing materials can be more effectively done for one material when compared to another. A lot of plastics can be reprocessed quite easily, where bigger pieces of plastic are broken down into small pellets which can then be used to form new products, while with other types of plastics, even doing this is impossible.