Let’s Make Recycling More Fun For Children!

Understanding the importance of recycling can be difficult for children to grasp, with it being much easier for them to throw all their rubbish in the same bin. This is why it is important that we make recycling as fun as possible for their young minds. Today, we are going to share with you three of our favourite ways to make recycling fun for children.

1- Make It Into A Game
Rather than just having your recycling bin there for them to place their bits into, why not make it into more of a game. Allowing them to guess which bin it needs to go into. Possibly even standing back and throwing some of the recycling into the correct bin! Making this more entertaining than just placing items in a bin!

2- Offer The Rewards!
Every child loves a little reward or treat, it is an easy way to get them excited about the topic and interested in learning more. Creating them a reward chart, and once they have recycled a certain number of products they will receive a prize. This can be anything from a pack of sweets, a new book, or a day trip out. Something that will excite them and encourage them to recycle more often.

3- Be Resourceful and Get Creative!
Recycling does not always need to be the simple, boring activity of placing the recyclable rubbish in the bin. Why not complete some arts and crafts. Show your children that there are many ways they can recycle goods. It is not all about sending them off to be reused, you can reuse them yourself.

So, these are our top three ways that you can make recycling more interesting and fun for children! Remember it is not all about just separating them from everyday rubbish. There are many more things you can do with your recyclable goods.