• Why Is Recycling Important?

    We are always told to recycle from when we are extremely young. But why is it so important?

    Minimizes Waste
    The main reason why recycling is important is because it minimizes waste. It reduces the amount of landfill we have. Therefore saving the environment in the long run. Landfill takes a long time to decompose.

    Saving Money
    Recycling can also help us to save money. If we are reusing water bottles and other products we own we can save money. This is due to not needing to buy new ones each time we go out. Reusing our own goods is cheaper than buying single use.

    Saving Wildlife
    Placing items in landfill causes a massive problem for wildlife. They can get stuck in our rubbish and die. This is not what we want. Recycling items helps to reduce the possibility of harm to them and their habitats. Therefore saving our wildlife and their habitats.