Why Does Commercial Renewable Energy Matter in Business?

Businesses use energy every day to sustain themselves, whether it’s in an office space or out in the wider world. Even running a fairly simple office can be very costly in terms of energy usage – not to mention the impact on the planet. More and more businesses are looking to implement commercial renewable energy schemes and systems, allowing them to run their businesses in a more planet friendly, cost-effective way. And the two definitely don’t have to be mutually exclusive either, because it’s perfectly possible to save on costs as well as being more environmentally friendly. Lots of renewable energy solutions can dramatically reduce costs over time.

What commercial renewable energy options are available for business and what are the benefits?
There are various renewable energy solutions that are available to businesses and that can work very well for them. Some of the most popular are:

  • Commercial solar panels – these can be installed on roofs, or solar farms can be set up for larger spaces.
  • Battery storage – battery solutions are perfect for offering uninterrupted power supply.
  • Off grid solutions – combinations of solar power, battery, EV and hybrid power generation can help you work towards less reliance on the grid.
  • EV charging – the perfect renewable solution for company vehicles, with cheaper running costs.
  • Solar car ports – a different way to generate electricity for cars, and to offer vehicles protection too.

Commercial renewable energies are a more holistically beneficial way of running a business – employees will feel better about what they’re doing, you can work towards your vision of being a more sustainable business, and you can rest assured that you’re doing the right thing for the environment. There may also be grants available to help you install renewable energy systems in your place of work.

Why should commercial businesses care about renewable energy?
If you run a business, there are lots of things on your plate at any one time – a lot goes in to running a business successfully. However, there are lots of reasons why renewable energy should be high on your list of things to address – here are just some of them:

  1. The opportunity to reduce costs. Renewable energy solutions can go a long way towards reducing costs for businesses over time. Not only are they better for the planet because they don’t run out like fossil fuels – they can also be better for your bank balance, too.
  2. A good PR exercise. Businesses can promote their new policies surrounding renewable energy and can make sure that others in their business communities, and potential customers, know about what they’re doing. It’s a great way to drum up support for a business and encourage people to feel more positively about it.
  3. Corporate social responsibility. All businesses should take joint responsibility in the wider world and many now have corporate social responsibility policies in place. This is a great way to work wider issues into official business policies and renewable energy is one of the main areas of focus.