Recycling and Waste Management in the Current World

Waste management incorporates a system of managing the processes and resources involved in the collection, transportation, processing and disposal of waste materials. On the other hand, recycling involves a process of converting waste materials into usable products in order to limit the use and save fresh raw materials.
In the current world we are living in, full of several sources of environmental degradation, recycling and waste management has proved very useful to the environment in protecting the scarce natural resources, avoiding environmental hazards, reducing the nation’s reliance on energy and raw materials as well as providing various economic benefits.
In the UK the Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition (RWM) is done annually to bring together several exhibitions from both the private and public sector including specialist consultants in recycling and waste management, waste management companies and recyclers of various products to showcase their unique techniques in waste and recycling products and services. The RWM is one of the several events that have advocated for recycling and waste management.