Re-Use! Re-Use! Re-Use!

We all know about recycling our goods, but how about we make a change and begin reusing them ourselves at home. Today, we are going to share with you some ideas on reusing recyclable products.

Firstly, we should always consider reusing our water bottles. After the first use, they are generally still in a usable condition. Meaning, you should just refill your water bottle and reuse rather than purchasing a new one. You could also make these into toys for babies, or bath toys for toddlers.

Cardboard boxes are another perfect example of an item which you can reuse before recycling. Cardboard boxes are perfect for children, as an excellent simulation toy for imaginative play. They can also be resued by you for storage or crafts.

Finally, milk cartons. An item which will normally be thrown straight into the recycling. How about completing some crafts beforehand, have some fund creating milk bottle monsters and then recycling.