Other Ways To Save Our Planet

We all know about recycling as a way to help save our planet. But what other things can we do to improve the quality of the Earth?

Landfill is a massive problem and it is continuing to grow. One way with we can stop this is by considering what products we are using. For example, disposable nappies take a long time to decompose, maybe try using reusable nappies instead.

Food waste is also becoming a big problem. A lot of food and food packaging is being thrown away. One way which we can prevent this from happening is by only purchasing what we know we will eat by its use by date. We can also have our own compost bin where waste food can be thrown to be reused.

Finally, consider other ways of transporting your food. For example foods do not need all of the plastic around them. Maybe go for a loose broccoli rather than one that is wrapped. This will help to reduce the waste.