Hydraulic Furniture Movers – No Need for Electricity

Any processes you carry out in workshops or as part of production can be improved with the use of lifting equipment, or other kinds of equipment to make the process more streamlined. Often this equipment will need an electricity supply, which increases your costs and can have significant limitations in that you always need access to electricity. This isn’t the case when you’re using hydraulic furniture movers, which can significantly increase speed and efficiency, whilst being used anywhere. They will lift and transport loads as heavy as 1,800kg with hydraulic mechanisms that make them convenient, useful and suitable for use in various environments.

What are hydraulic furniture movers and how can they be used? Put simply, they are hydraulically operated systems for lifting and moving loads, often ones that are bulky and awkwardly shaped. They can be used in a variety of environments by various professionals, such as removal companies, manufacturing companies, logistics professionals, and many more.

What are the different kinds of hydraulic furniture mover and how can they help you?

These are some of the most common types of hydraulic furniture mover, and the ways in which they can help you:

Small hydraulic furniture movers. These will come in pairs and their small stature means they can easily be transported, so they are favoured by removal companies that use vans and lorries, as they can easily fit into the back of their lorries. They can be used to move furniture and other heavy loads that cannot be moved by hand.

Large hydraulic furniture movers and machine movers. These are more in the territory of large, industrial environments and manufacturing facilities, as they can be used to move large loads. They will use more heavy duty components to allow them to work with these bigger loads, and to still move effectively and safely. Some of the objects they can move include switchgears, containers, safes, crates and pallets (although you may want a specific pallet moving truck for moving these instead, if this is something you do regularly.) Machine movers come with ratchet straps to secure large bulky loads.

You can also get lifting equipment such as mechanical jacks that can help with lifts alongside hydraulic furniture movers. They can help with the loading process, lifting up the load so it can be safely positioned and secured on the furniture mover. They can lift up to heights of mm, using the handle bar as a pinch bar. They will need to be bought separately, in addition to any furniture movers you are using. Another option is corner skates. One of the more simplistic types of furniture mover, the skates will sit under the corners of the load so it can be transported. This is good for situations where you might need to use the transporter in tight spaces, or you need to take it to use on the go. It might therefore be a tool used by removal companies. It can be used alongside hydraulic furniture movers in transporting loads.