Helping The Environment At Christmas

Christmas, the time of year which is full of unwanted plastic from toys, wrapping paper everywhere and leftover food galore. But what can we do with all of these to help the environment this year?

Firstly we are going to discuss wrapping paper. Most kinds of wrapping paper can be recycled, so you should do this. But the ones that are glittery or harder to rip may not be recyclable. Try to avoid these papers at all costs. But if you can’t you should attempt to save them and reuse them for other activities.

With regards to presents, we all know they come in unwanted cardboard and plastic which just gets thrown to the side. The obvious option is to recycle all of these. But how about you make more use out of these items. If you have children allow them to have some craft time, creating objects out of these leftovers before they are recycled.