Extracting Methane

Methane extraction is increasingly looking like a really good method by which we can take advantage of renewable sources of energy, and also of the waste we produce as a society and as individuals. Methane extraction is the practice of extracting methane from the bio-degrading waste we produce. This can be done on a large scale, for example; rubbish collection services can coalesce the waste in one spot, and then extract the massive amounts of methane produced by its rotting. There are examples of this being done so that they can use the energy being produced to power their vehicles, thereby making them a carbon neutral operation. It can also be done on a small scale, with a suburban home extracting the methane from human waste and excess food, as well asĀ  dead plant material, saving money on your energy bill.

Extracting methane is very beneficial to society. Methane is a natural result of anything dying and rotting; it is produced naturally in large quantities, much of which being readily available for our use. It is a green house gas, so burning it will not harm the environment, at least not anymore than it would if it was left to its own devices.