• Complying with WSE when Using an Air Compressor

    Using an air compressor is a great way of generating energy in a more environmentally friendly way. This method of energy generation can offer you a good way of generating power without wasting energy – it is very efficient. If you generate more energy than you use, it’s also possible to store up that energy and save it for another time. However, as with anything in this kind of industrial or commercial setting, you will need to work safely and be very conscious of your legal obligations. There is a written scheme of examination that you must adhere to when using air compressors. This maintains good levels of health and safety, and ensures that you, your staff and anybody else in the vicinity is safe whilst using this equipment.

    What is a written scheme of examination?

    The written scheme of examination is a legal document that ensures you can meet with the UK Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR). This is essential if you are using air compressors and they are over 250 bar/litre capacity. You must have a written scheme of examination, or WSE, before you use any pressure system, and it will specify items that need to be examined. It will also tell you how often they need to be examined, and who is legally able to perform this duty.

    Why is a written scheme of examination so important when using air compressors?

    The main reason behind the use of the written scheme of examination is safety. There is a big emphasis on safety in the air compressor industry, as it is essential that everyone working close by is safe. Safety doesn’t need to be arduous, but you do need to make sure that you are doing everything you should be in order to comply. The written scheme of examination is essential here, as it allows the PSSR to set out obligatory standards and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to air compressor regulations and safe usage.

    Who can complete an examination of your air compression systems in accordance with the written scheme of examinations?

    The WSE specifies that the person carrying out the examination need to be competent. Check with any maintenance company or insurer to make sure you are having the right inspections carried out by the right people. As the legal owner of any air compression systems, you must abide by the rules set out for you, otherwise you won’t be within the law.

    What happens if you don’t comply?

    If you don’t comply with the standards set out in the WSE, then there can be serious consequences. You can be prosecuted by the HSE if you are found to be outside of your legal obligations. However, the far more serious consequence could be a systems malfunction that could have been totally preventable. By following all regulations and making sure your systems are safe, you are reducing the risk of fires and keeping your workforce, your building and the general public much safer.