Compensation to Poorer Nations

One of the many aspects to the fallout of climate change is how poorer countries, who’ve contributed a massively disproportionate amount to carbon emissions, are going to be compensated for the massive damage they’re suffering as a result. While there has been a lot of resistance to this idea, it looks like it might be approved of at the most recent climate change talk between the international community.

While countries like the USA and members of the EU have been reluctant to pay out money because of the affects of climate change, that looks set to change. Their reluctance was due, in part, to their unwillingness to agree to open-ended compensation which could be compounded by natural disasters every single year. It looks like the agreement is likely to be a compromise of some sort, perhaps a promise of additional aid to them in the event of a disaster as a part of an on-going agreement, as well as preventative assistance to help mitigate future damage, such as via early warning system installations.