• Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Rooflight

    A rooflight is by its very nature a good option for you and for the environment. It will allow you to brighten up your home, so that you will rely less on artificial lighting and can instead use natural light to fill your home and give it a better ambience. However, if you choose the wrong kind of rooflight, you might not benefit as much as you would like. 

    You should select a rooflight that will allow in as much natural light as possible. Make sure it has the largest surface area possible, and choose a shape that isn’t blocked at all and is left open to the sky. 

    You also need to think about the energy efficiency of the rooflight. Make sure it has a low U-value, as this means it retains more heat. A well glazed, highly thermal rooflight will work to keep your property warm to reduce heating needs.