• Some Practical Ways to Save Energy at Home

    Whether you want to do your bit to help to planet or you are tired of those ever-increasing energy bills, you will be keen as a homeowner to know how you can save energy. There are various tips and tricks you can pick up to help you save energy around the home without going to any great lengths. Here are some ideas:

    • Make sure doors, windows and rooflights are well insulated. If you feel a draft, work out where it is coming from. If your garage is a part of your home, make sure this is well insulated as well or it could substantially cool down your house.
    • Switch off all electricity at night. Make a point of turning off electrical appliances at the socket before you go to bed at night.
    • If you are lucky enough to have a log burner, use it for heating. Logs and firewood can be very cost effective.