• Rooflights – not Just About Looks

    Rooflights are aesthetically pleasing, it’s true. This is the main reason why architects and homeowners alike love them. There are also many benefits beyond this as well, which you should certainly know about if you want to install rooflights in a building.

    One of the main benefits is the improvement in energy efficiency. Rooflights fill a building with additional light, meaning that you can use less energy inside. They can also help to warm a room up using the sun’s natural warmth. This won’t save you energy automatically but if you notice that your property is lighter and warmer, you will be able to use less energy as a consequence.

    Rooflights are also good for adding extra ventilation or even safety to a building. The hinged version of a rooflight can be opened up to introduce an airflow, again helping to save energy due to the need for less power from extractor fans in a kitchen or bathroom. Smoke vents can help bolster a fire safety system.