How Methane Collection Works

This is a type of fuel generation which is increasingly becoming a part of waste collection services. A number of garbage collectors have pioneered in this area by, for instance, using the methane produced by the waste they’ve collected to power the vehicles they use to collect the waste.

This is actually quite simple technology which is reasonably easy and cheap to implement. The process is essentially begun by concentrating the waste which decomposes in one area. In this area an extractor fan will be placed to collect all of the methane which is released as a result of the decomposition process.

This solves a few different problems. First of all it uses the methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere contributing to the greenhouse gas effect, and, by extension, the use of methane will generally replace a fossil fuel, thereby reducing harmful gas emissions that way as well. As a result of the decomposition process you’re also processing compost as well, which is another usable waste by-product as well.

There is no reason for this technology to only be implemented as a part of a waste collection service either, as it is also ideal for implementing within a sewage treatment facility or when dealing with animal waste on a farm.