Can you Recycle a Rooflight?

Recycling is a big part of our everyday lives now, and as a society, we tend to look for new ways to recycle all the time. If you want to recycle more, and on a larger scale, you might be thinking about ways in which you can recycle the larger objects in your house. Recycling a rooflight, and large appliances and home features, is something that many people want to ask about.

If you want to recycle an old rooflight, you will need to know the practicalities of doing so. Is it possible to recycle certain parts? How will you go about doing so? Parts like glass probably will be recyclable, unless it has been treated in some way, in which case it might not be. The plastic parts around the edges also may be recyclable. You should ask the company that supplied your rooflight whether they can recycle it when they come to collect it and take it away.