4 Effective Ways To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

Are you even a homeowner if you aren’t constantly thinking about ways that you can save money on your bills? Home bills are what takes the majority of our money, so it is without a doubt that we want to lower the costs of these to give us more spare money for our own pleasure.

So, what are 4 effective ways that we can save money on our electricity bill?

1-Wash on 30 degrees
It is most common to wash your dirty washing on a cycle at 40 degrees, with most companies putting this temperature on the care labels. However, washing at 30 degrees will be no different. It will only wash your clothes in slightly cooler water. Washing on 30 degrees will use less electricity helping you to save money on your bill.

2- Going out, heating off
We are all guilty of it, we head out for the day and leave the heating on in the house. This simple mistake can rack up your electricity bill. By simply turning off the heating when you are going out will help to save you money. It just means you’ll come home to a slightly cooler home than you are used to.

3- Avoid Standby Mode
Most electrical products have a mode known as standby mode. This is where the product is not in full use, but it is ready to be used at any given time. Standby mode is still using electricity, mainly due to a small light you will see somewhere on the product. By simply unplugging and not using standby mode, you will save yourself some money.

4- Turning off Lights
Another thing we are all guilty of, leaving a room but leaving the light on. It is surprising how quickly lights can rack up your electricity bill. By simply turning off lights when no one is in the room or they are not needed, you will see that you begin to quickly have a lower electricity bill.